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The church, now parish church, of "Prunedell d'Avall" is dedicated to Saint Etienne and is dated from the Xth and XIth centuries. It is a pre-roman, east-facing church. The choir is narrower and lower than the nave, with a trapezoïdal plan. Its bell tower is quadrangular and is lighted by gemel windows. This set is a rare example of pre roman religious architecture in Roussillon, slightly altered by the modifications on the south side (addition of a chapel and a sacristy). The entrance portal is in pink marble (XIIIth century). The building is made of roughly shaped blocs held together with mortar. The Saint Etienne church should have been vaulted from the origins. It conserves retables dedicated to Saint Etienne and to the Virgin and repainted during the XIXth and XXth century.
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