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Canigó north balcony trail

Start this journey in a calm and authentic village. Then, follow the path and already enjoy the smell of garrigue’s aromatic plants.

The walk  is soft but engaging and the first viewpoint gives you breathtaking panoramas on the Canigó Mountain. Hills and crests, the Têt valley, and further, the Albères and the Corbières mountain range compose the landscape with the Mediterranean Sea in the background. 

This scenic route includes the northern foothills trails on the Canigó, from Millas to Prades over 68 kilometres. Viewpoints or belvederes have been set up all along the trail. Sit down and contemplate the landscape to find an echo in your imagination.

This trail also expresses the land where people have settled because of it is rich, generous and welcoming. For thousands of years, people have shaped and transformed the landscape to make their home here. Nowaday, the link between nature and local activities is still present and preserved. 

On this page, you will find 9 loops linked with the major scenic route (4 in Roussillon Conflent and 5 in Conflent Canigó) you will discover for a day. Climp up and enjoy fully the beauties of this incredible Panoramic viewpoint route of the Canigó foothills.

As this route is little shaded, we recommend the periods from April to June and from September to November.

Panoramic viewpoints full trail

Canigó Foothills map  : ©Syndicat Mixte Canigó Grand Site
Photo credits : ©JC Milhet

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