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bed and breakfast table with catalan tablecloth, plates and glasses with wine

Your guests have always praised your hospitality. You have the sense of hospitality! The tips that you give to your friends you welcome from far (or not!) to explore our beautiful region always hit the mark!

Here you will find some useful information to assist you in the labeling of your bed and breakfast.


towel in the shape of a swan and hibiscus flower on a bed and breakfast blanket

According to the French Tourism Code, a bed & breakfast is a furnished room welcoming tourists and offering services for one or more nights, all at the inhabitant's.

Among other important criteria characterizing a bed and breakfast:

  • you are responsible for welcoming your customers
  • breakfast is an integral part of the service, as is the supply of household linen
  • access (direct or indirect) to a bathroom and a toilet
  • you cannot accommodate more than 15 people and rent more than 5 rooms

To find out more, you can visit the website of the Direction Générale des Entreprises


View of the garden and swimming pool of the Buis bed and Breakfast in Ille-sur-Têt

As a bed and breakfast, labeling is the most appropriate solution to enhance the quality of your service and give visibility to your activity.

Here are two major labels you can refer to :

Gîte de France          logo gite de france


CléVacances       logo clevacances