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Château de Caladroy – Dive into history and terroir

We've heard about a medieval castle overhanging Caladroy, small hamlet between Belesta and Millas. Passing by Col de la Bataille pass, we've seen its century-old towers overlooking vineyard, olive trees and prehistorical menhirs.

Valerie and Serge Maurin manage this wine estate for 20 years and guide us in this magical place. First, the two chapels (XIIth and XIXth century), hidden in the inner courtyard. Then, the castle’s rooms where wedding dresses and painting exhibitions take place. The castle is incredible! A tribute to resistance fighters during WWII is exposed in the old weapon room and Valerie will present its grand-father's heroic deeds.

We arrive on the castle’s terrace where the panoramic view is breathtaking. From the Béar Cape to the Canigó Mountain, all the Roussillon plain is under our eyes with the Pyrenean mountain chain in the background. Below where we stand, we can see a group of hikers taking their picnic in the park, as an invitation to come back and discover all the paths crossing the vineyards.  

Our visit ends with the tasting of the wine and olive products of the Château Caladroy. We will come back, for sure! The warm welcome and this site, full of history where the time seems to have stopped, gave us the opportunity to dream the time of the visit.



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