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La Cabrayrisse – An ordinary day in the shoes of local cheese maker farmers

As the sun rises, Cécile and François are already feeding their dairy goats which just woke up. 

Just after breakfast, it is time to salt and remove from the moulds the cheeses made the day before, flip the cheeses that drain on their filter screen, put the older ones with a little crust on their surface in the cellar… and mould the fresh milk. Between the “yoghourt” scent of the fresh cheeses and the stronger smell of ripened ones in the cellar, what a festival of scents! 

Then it is milking time! With their milk pots and filters, our two cheese maker farmers go back to their goats. During the lactation, their lovely goats will eat organic cereals to help them produce their precious milk. Two hours later, the milk will be filtered in pots dived in fresh water to cool the content.

Then comes the cleaning of the machines and the milking parlour while ladies are asking for sweet cuddles! When the milk is at temperature, the pots are brought to the dairy. Now it is time to make cheese: pasteurization of the Formatget also known as “recuit”, genuine local specialty, curdling for the “crottin” which will be moulded the next day.

At the end of the morning, long as a full day, break time is most welcome before a busy afternoon!

The Formatget prepared in the morning has to be moulded and the « crottin » flipped in their moulds before the daily walk to let the herd graze on the fantastic plateau of Montalba-le-Château. Lavender scents, thyme, hot stones heated by the sun, sounds of garrigue, cicadas during summer and birds twittering all year round!  

Four hours later, the sun comes down and our farmers too, the heart full of this life they would never change for a bit!

Meet them on different local markets. It is THE good time you won’t miss if you are a traditional local handmade cheese lover!

useful information : 

  • Wednesday morning, from March to Novembre on the market located in Ille-sur-tet, place de la République
  • Friday morning, from March to May on the market located on the market located in Ille-sur-Têt, Place de la République
  • Saturday morning, from March to Novembre on the local producers market located on the Place de Foirail in Ille-sur-Têt
  • On Monday from 6:00pm to 08:00pm, during summer, on the farmers market of Montalba-le-Château located on the village place.

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