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illustration of Ideas to lower the temperature during summer in Roussillon Conflent

Ideas to lower the temperature

illustration of the Must-see in Roussillon Conflent with the Orgues of Ille sur Tet


What to do when it rains

try catalan specialties


Looking for thrills?

sunglasses on the edge of a swimming pool

Accommodation with swimming pools

olive oil bottle with fruits on a table

Olive from A to Z

Roussillon Conflent

One territory but so many destinations! Each of the 16 municipalities makes Roussillon Conflent a pallet of many colours

Good times

  • Château de Caladroy – Dive into history and terroir

    All year round

    "We've heard about a medieval castle overhanging Caladroy, small hamlet between Belesta and Millas. Passing by Col de la Bataille pass, we've seen its century-old towers overlooking..."  (Paul)

  • La Cabrayrisse – An ordinary day in the shoes of local cheese maker farmers

    All year round

    "'As the sun rises, Cécile and François are already feeding their dairy goats which just woke up... "


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